Riviera Series


The Riviera Series features distinctive 3-rail designs. This series has 6 different styles along with a stylish top rail and ¾” square or round spindles.

You only need to choose the color, design, and height that will turn your home into a retreat that will be welcoming to all.


Riviera Series Style Options

C30 (Square Baluster)

C301 (Round Baluster)

C30R (square balusters)


C301R (round balusters)

C31 (square balusters)

C311 (round balusters)


C32 (square balusters)

C321 (round balusters)

C33 (square balusters)

C331 (round balusters)

C34 (square balusters)

C341 (round balusters)


Color Options

DSI Colors.png