Westbury Parts and Accessories

The finishing touch to your masterpiece... accessories. A variety of post sizes and wall thickness add strength, standard brackets combined with swivel mounts solving many unique scenarios, an option of post caps for a variety of looks finished off by the convenience of 2-piece and 1-piece post flairs create the Westbury Aluminum Railing accessories



Wall and Angle Swivel Mounts

Stair Mounts

Stair Swivel Mounts

Top & Bottom Double Swivel Stair Mount


2'', 2-1/2'' Post Flair (2-Piece)

MagenaStar Post Cap Light (Low Voltage & Solar)

Flat Cap (2'', 2-1/2'', 4'', 6'')

Welded Corner

Rail Support

Ball Cap (2'', 2-1/2'', 4'')

4'' Post Flair (2-piece)

6'' Post Flair (1-piece)


Stair Crossover Post

Corner Crossover Post

Level Crossover Post


Gates and Hardware

Westbury® Gates and Hardware are available in all Westbury® Railing styles and available in 12 standard AAMA architectural Colors. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.34.41 AM.png


  • Gate Heights Available: 36’’, 42’’
  • Gate Lengths Available: 36’’, 48’’