Tiger Claw® Gun and

Tiger Claw® Pneumatic Screws

Tiger Claw® Installation Gun for Grooved Decking

The Tiger Claw Pneumatic Installation gun is the fastest way to install hidden fasteners into grooved decking. The tool features a unique nose piece that holds the hidden fasteners in the correct position every time, firing a screw nail, “Scrail”, through the clip into the joist – fastening the deck board to the joist in one step. On average, this installation gun will install about 400 sq ft of decking in an hour

Features and Benefits

  • Full lifetime warranty
  • For use with ConnectClip for Clubhouse Decking, Guardian Ghost Grip, KleerKlip for Kleer Decking, Tiger Claw TC-G, TimberTech CONCEALoc, Trex HideAway, and more
  • Comes complete with owner’s manual, DVD, adjusting wrenches, and gun oil

Tiger Claw® Pneumatic Scrails for Installation Gun

Tiger Claw Pneumatic Scrail fasteners combine the speed of a nail and the holding power of a screw. This product has been specifically designed for use in the Tiger Claw Pneumatic Installation Tool for Tiger Claw hidden fastening clips such as TC-G. Once installed, the Scrail can be backed out with a number 1 or 2 Phillips driver bit if need be. Tiger Claw Pneumatic Scrail fasteners are approved for use in AC Q and chemically treated lumber


Features and Benefits

  • Available in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel 
  • Combines speed of nail and power of a screw
  • Use with Tiger Claw Installation Gun

Pneumatic Scrails Packaging Sizes:

500 Sq Ft Box at 16” o.c. (included: 930 Stainless Steel collated pneumatic scrails)

500 Sq Ft Box at 16” o.c. (included: 930 Carbon Steel collated pneumatic scrails)