Rain-Out Under Deck Ceiling

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A Rain-Out coated aluminum under deck ceiling is a great way to help improve the watershed potential of your deck, while also protecting the space below it, to maximize your usable outdoor space. The panels of under deck ceilings are designed to capture and route rain water that falls between the decking boards above. In other words, it gets the Rain-Out!

How does it work?

Understanding how an under deck ceiling installation works is simple when you break it down. Take a look:

  • Under deck ceiling is installed. Rain falling through the gaps in your decking boards is collected by the coated aluminum and channeled to the edge of the deck, to a gutter.

  • Rain flowing into the coated aluminum gutter is routed to the downspout system, which in turn delivers the water to a designated area at ground level.

  • Water is deposited away from the deck and the foundation of your home to ensure it doesn’t become saturated at the ground level too close to your home.  This serves the dual purpose of keeping your under deck dry and preventing water from seeping down into your basement.

Rain-Out Under deck Ceiling/Gutter

Made of recycled aluminum and roll formed in Merriam, Kansas. Standard Color Options Include- White, Royal brown, Wicker, Clay, Dark Bronze and Aluminum. Each panel comes with a tongue and groove interlock which allows you to fasten the wide fin side and then slide the narrow fin into the groove giving a beautiful tight joint that keeps the rain out.


Color Options

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Product Information

Panels can be made up to 20’ long.


2 ways to purchase:

1. Panels Only (250 sq. ft. minimum per shipment)

2. Complete kit (150 sq. ft. minimum per shipment):

Kits include:

Panels, 2”x2” trim for the back and 2”x 4.75” trim for 2 sides, flashing, front gutter, down spout, down spout strap, touch up paint, panel screws and rubber washers to insulate against pressure treated, and sealant (wood furring to be purchased locally).


Install Instructions


Step 1: Install the flashing tight to wall with small bend on top and seal.

Step 2: Attach (2) 2x2’s hanging about 2” below deck frame on house side of deck (one in each corner) and (2) 2x2’s on post side of deck frame (one in each corner) hanging 3” to 4” below deck frame.

Step 3: Attach tight string line to the bottom of all four 2x2’s. Make house side 2x2’s level with each other and post side 2x2’s level with each other.

Step 4: Install 2x2’s on every other rafter flush to the string line using speed square but mark and plumb before attaching.

Step 5: Fasten level 2x2 flush to the bottom and attached to the side of hanging 2x2’s every 4’ to 6’ away from home.

Step 6: Add central sets of 2x2’s as needed to create spacing between them of up to 6 feet, ensuring that  you keep a consistent gradual slope to the system.

Step 7: Install gutter (not furnished) to front; adding a 2x4 to bottom of front fascia also bottom of side fascia if the panel will drop below them when installed.

Step 8: Make notches (Diagram #1) in back of panel and using a 10” hand seamer, bend to 90° angle and thoroughly seal corners.

Step 9: Screw first panel into long 2x2 through narrow flange (to outside edge) making sure it is tight to the back resting on gutter. Attach to top edge of gutter with zip screws. Screw wide flange to all 2x2’s keeping pressure to make sure the lock is tight.

Step 10: Continue with remaining panels but only screwing in wide flange side until last panel is installed. If last panel is too wide, cut lock (Diagram #2) and remove excess leaving 1- 3/4” extra. Bend to form an L that will attach to the 2x2’s and seal. You will also need to bend the back and seal as on the other panels.

Step 11: Attach L-trim (if ordered) on all but the gutter side of system. Fasten to the wood or panels.

Step 12: Cut 2” hole in gutter, seal rim of outlet tube (not furnished)and insert. Attach downspout and elbow (not furnished).

Step 13: Use touch up paint as needed (not furnished)

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