Invisi-Fast™ Accessories

Start Clip: 36- fasteners, screws, 1- Driver Bit

Available Options:

  • Kit with Original No Spacer Option(Plastic) for under deck attachment
  • Kit with steel fasteners for Trex grooved deck boards: 
  • Kit with steel fasteners for Any deck board with 1/8” groove

Invisi-Fast™ BoWrench

It's the ONLY 1-man self locking board bender and tongue and groove joining tool. Makes the deck building process easier.

Features and Benefits:

  • Basic tool binds itself to any 2x (1-1/2”) joist.
  • Custom size grippers or adjustable grippers available from factory
  • Frees up hands and legs
  • Seconds to operate
  • Gripper swivels for angled decking
  • Interchangeable parts for pushing or pulling
  • Bends multiple boards
  • Closes gaps up to 2-1/4” +
  • Left or right handed
  • Simple to operate
  • Powerful mechanical advantage
  • All heavy coated steel construction
  • Bends 3/4”, 1x, 2x6, etc.