Cut Deck Installation Time in Half!

Deck installation has never been so quick and easy.

Whether you're a contractor or DIYer, the Step-Clip™ system makes decking installation easier. With up to 50% faster install times, contractors can double their deck installations — and double their money.

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Faster: Step-Clip reduces decking installation time by up to 50%.

Easier: Spend less time on your hands and knees during deck board installation compared to traditional methods.

Efficient: Decking can be laid out in advance to ensure that decking appearance is pleasing to the homeowner, and contractor can install special cut boards around posts and other obstructions after all other boards are in place.

Easy to Replace: If a deck board should be damaged, Step-Clip makes replacing damaged boards significantly easier.

No Joist Protection Tape: The strip protects the top of the joist from water damage, rot and decay.

No Special Tools: Install interlocking strips along joist with a nail gun or hammer.




The Fastenator Hidden Fastening System improves the aesthetic appeal of the deck surface and makes it easier to install. Use our unique Starter Board profile (one side grooved, one side square) along the perimeter of the deck and stair treads for a clean & finished look.