Reál Decking 



Naturally beautiful. Expertly engineered.

It’s like nature. Evolved.

Reàl Decking unites the authentic look of exotic hardwoods with the performance of Gossen cellular PVC. Lightweight cellular PVC makes installation refreshingly easy with no need to pre-drill or finish. 


Features & Benefits

  • The beauty of Ipe without the maintenance
  • Proven performance and technology
  • Genuine look of exotic hardwood
  • Exceptional color retention
  • Mold, mildew and stain resistant
  • Will not warp, twist, cup or crack
  • Long, sustainable life span
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Fascia Board Available: 8’’ x 12’, 12’’ x 12’

Our proven surface technology protects its color without the need for annual oil treatments while our finishing expertise gives you natural beauty worth preserving. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.03.01 AM.png

Dimensions and Measurements:

Non-Grooved Deck Board- 1’’ x 5-1/2’’

  • Lengths Available: 12’, 16’ and 20’

Grooved Deck Board- 1’’ x 5-1/2’’

  • Lengths Available : 12’, 16’ and 20’

The green reason.

  • Choosing Reàl saves not only time and money, but it can save a little bit of the planet as well.
  • No deforestation - Reàl is manufactured in Wisconsin, so you don’t have to deplete valuable rainforest resources for your deck.
  • Sustainable life cycle - Durable cellular PVC won’t rot or break down over time, leaving you with a beautiful, strong surface for the life of your deck.
  • Recyclable - Cellular PVC is incredibly recyclable, so project scraps can be recycled and transformed into decks of their own.
  • Manufactured responsibly - Closed-loop process reincorporates factory waste into manufacturing, keeping quality in the products and out of landfills.