Pro Plug® System PVC

PRO Plug® SYSTEM for PVC is a superior and easy to install plug fastening system for PVC Decking and PVC Trim. It is available for a broad range of decking and trim materials, in both stainless steel and epoxy coated fastener kits, offering builders the ability to choose the right screw for a broad range of applications and materials.

The system features the PVC Tool (which drives screws to the correct depth without stripping the screw recess or damaging the deck board surface), star drive fasteners in both epoxy coated carbon steel and stainless steel grade 305, and plugs made from actual deck and trim material.

Approved for use with ACQ treated lumber. Follow the decking manufacturer’s recommendation when selecting either stainless or epoxy coated screws.

Pro Plug® System for PVC Decking

PVC Tool • Plugs Made From Actual Decking Material • Epoxy Coated or Stainless Steel Screws: Integrated plug fastening system for PVC decking.