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Deck Wrap

The ORIGINAL, self-stick protective wrap that provides EXTREME Elemental Protection!!! This product is designed to add years of life to your deck. Suitable for use on treated, untreated, and synthetic wood products.

Why is applying
DECKWRAP so important? ACQ Treated Lumber holds up to the elements extraordinarily well. Because its impregnated with chemicals that are highly volatile to both metal and humans, if left unabated,  the chemical reaction to joist hangers, nails and screws will cause metal to break down and further cause premature structural breakdown of your deck. In addition, the application of DECKWRAP also helps resist, retard and prevent the attack of damaging fungi that may already exist in your treated lumber.

DECKWRAP protects the surface of the wood with a layer of modified asphalt. The durable film layer protects the asphalt. The specially-formulated adhesive self-seals around nails, screws and other punctures. For a very small investment, DECKWRAP can add years to the life of your deck!